Top 3 Recommended Personal Finance Blogs

by Credit Faire November 2nd, 2016

Top 3 Recommended Personal Finance Blogs

Education is Key.

While we are continuously trying to bring you the most up-to-date and relevant content via our blog; we can’t provide all the knowledge out there.

We thought it might be just as helpful to provide some other quality resources related to personal finance. Understanding that everyone is at a different point in there life, we have selected 3 blogs that covers various challenges, opportunities, and solutions.

Happy reading!

1. The Simple Dollar
I like this one a lot because it breaks things down in lehman’s terms. In addition, they also tend to have some pretty relevant posts. Such as their recent post by John Ulzheimer about how your credit score directly effects the cost of your installment loans.

The site generally does a good job at really breaking down the numbers as well. I listed this one as number 1 for that reason actually… a little author bias if you will. Not only are the posts relevant but they are also thorough. I appreciate that as it offers the information up in a variety of ways. We all learn differently and it works for me.

2. Money Under 30
This site can seem a little busy when you first get to it and that’s because it is… There is quite a bit of content on this blog because they cover all areas of personal finance. They cover everything from investing to installment loans and even useful loan calculators.

While they obviously have it branded to the millenial age bracket, I can tell you that outside of maybe the retirement advice – the information generally applies to every age group. Be sure to check out their “How to” sections as well.

3. Money Saving Mom
This one is very relateable to me. I may not be a mom but I do have 2 kids with another one on the way. If you don’t already have kids – news flash – they are expensive. The content in this blog is definitely useful when being a parent. Even more so if you are a single parent or single mom – as you likely have less resources at your disposal to begin with. Being raise by a single mom and then marrying one, the information on this blog is very relevant to many Americans and the situations they face.

The direction of this site is very pragmatic in their content offerings. While the previously mentioned blogs tend to touch on the higher level strategy and planning areas; this one tends to focus on the day to day things you can do to save money. It also covers ways to save on various housing and grocery expenses.

Education is a continuous effort.
There are many more financial and personal finance blogs out there. We selected the three we felt would be most relevant to our customers. As always, Credit Fair-E will continue to provide relevant content to you through our blog.

If you have any article suggestions, finance blogs you follow, or anything you would like us to write about – don’t hesitate to leave a comment and let us know.

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