How To Get A Direct Cash Loan in Ohio

How To Get Started

When you’re looking for an alternative to a payday loan, and need a direct cash loan in Ohio quickly, then Credit Fair-E is the solution you’ve been looking for. It’s easy to get started! Fill out our online form – it only takes a couple of minutes. We’ll evaluate all of your information and you’ll be notified within 24 hours whether or not you’ve been prequalified.

You might even qualify for funds as soon as tomorrow!

Who Is Credit Fair-E?

Credit Fair-E is different than other loan providers. Our mission is not only to provide fast funding to our clients who need money now, but we actually want to help you improve your credit. Unlike other direct loan providers, who just want to keep giving you money you’ll never be able to pay back, we want to get you on a better path to financial health.

Are you ready to get out of a debt cycle once and for all? Credit Fair-E is made of a team of people who have been where you are. Which is why we specifically design our loan process to meet your present needs without throwing you off track. We can help you improve your credit score so that life is a little easier for you in the future.

We are committed to making this process easy and transparent. You’ll always be in the loop and there won’t be any hidden fees or surprises.

  • Quick Funding

    Sometimes emergencies come up and you need a loan FAST. We get it. That’s why we have a quick and easy application process. Most of our clients get approved and have access to funds within 24 hours!

  • Save More Money

    With other direct credit loans, you’ll be hit with fees and high interest rates. They aren’t designed to help you get out of debt, they are designed to keep you coming back. With Credit Fair-E, you’ll save money right away.

  • Easy Repayment

    We work hard to make sure it is as easy as possible for you to pay back your loan. Credit Fair-E only gives you what we know you can pay back, and we work within your monthly budget. We even send you payment reminders so you never fall behind.

  • Rebuild Your Credit

    Because we only lend you what you can pay back, your credit will start to rise. Having paid off debts on your credit report looks good. Plus, we don’t do hard credit checks, and we help you make payments consistently so you can break that debt cycle.

Fix Your Credit - The Right Way

Credit Fair-E can help you fix your credit. Getting a direct cash loan in Ohio can help you get back on a healthier financial track. Especially if you’re young and are just starting out in your career, you most likely have a weak credit history. On the other hand, if you’ve made some poor financial decisions in the past, it could be likely that your credit score is poor to fair. It might not seem like a big deal now, but your credit score can affect lots of things in your life. From loan rates, to getting approved on a rental, whether or not you can purchase a car with a low down payment, and more. At the end of the day, it’s important that you are taking steps to improve your credit score.

At Credit Fair-E, we believe that, when used correctly, a personal loan can help you boost your credit score. The more that you continue to report positive activity to credit bureaus, the more your credit score increases. There are a variety of ways to fix your credit, and we would love to help get you debt free and managing your finances in a positive way.

There are several ways that a direct cash loan in Ohio can help you get your credit score up. First, taking out a personal loan to consolidate your credit debt can reduce your credit utilization ratio. Using a loan to pay off balances will reflect in your credit score that you have greater unused credit. Additionally, loans with Credit Fair-E aren’t factored into this ratio because our loans are installment loans that have a fixed payment plan.

We’ve said it before, but when you’re responsible with your personal loan, that positive activity reported to three major credit bureaus. It’s our mission here to make it as easy as possible to take care of payments quickly and responsibly. We even send you payment reminders so you always make payments on time.

Another benefit of using Credit Fair-E is that it diversifies your credit mix. Having a variety of different types of credit being reported to credit bureaus, it shows other lenders that you’re able to balance credit options responsibly.</p

How To Get A Direct Cash Loan in Ohio

Let Credit Fair-E help you get on the path towards financial stability.

It’s Easy To Pay Back Your Ohio Loan

Credit Fair-E makes it easy to pay back your Ohio loan. Taking out a personal loan makes a lot of sense when it comes to repairing your credit. If you have high-interest debt, a personal installment loan can help you get out of the hole sooner than later.

As soon as you submit your application, we can help you plan a repayment strategy that helps you avoid getting into more serious debt. Getting back on the right path financially is our goal for you, and a small installment loan might be the right way to go.

Here are a few of the details that comes along with taking out a direct cash loan with Credit Fair-E. We can offer you personal loans anywhere from $300 to $1000 with a 28% APR. On loans over $500, we do require a 2% application fee. Just like other standard personal loans, there is a monthly maintenance fee that we add to the loan payment amount. Typically it’s 12.5% of the loan amount made over 12 payments. We offer monthly and every 28 days repayment plans.

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