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Let’s see how we can help you improve your bad credit and set you on the path towards financial stability.

Need Help Fixing Your Credit? We Can Help

If you’re young and just starting to build your career, or just have a weak credit history, it’s likely that your credit score is in the poor to fair range. Your credit score can affect lots of things in your life, including rates on a loan, whether you’d get approved for a place to live, and more. All this boiled down means that it’s important that you’re taking steps to improve your credit score. 

If used correctly, taking out a personal loan can help you boost your credit score. The more positive activity reported to credit bureaus, the more your score goes up. You can use a variety of methods to help ramp up your score faster, including personal loans and credit scores.

How A Loan With Credit Fair-E Can Help

Reduces Your Credit Utilization Ratio

Taking out a personal loan to consolidate your credit card debt, you can lower your credit card(s) utilization. When you use the loan to pay off the balances, your credit score will show greater unused credit. Loans with Credit Fair-E aren’t factored into credit utilization because they are installment loans that have a fixed payment plan.

Creates Positive Payment History

When you’re responsible with your personal loan, and you make consistent payments on time on a personal loan, that activity is reported to the three major credit bureaus. Luckily, Credit Fair-E makes it easy to take care of payments quickly and responsibly.

Diversifies Your Credit Mix

When you have a variety of different types of credit being reported to credit bureaus, like credit cards and loans, it shows lenders that you’re able to balance a mix of credit card products responsibly.

Credit Fair-E Is Different From Other Credit Score Fixers

Credit Fair-E is different than other lenders. We are committed to helping our clients not only get out of sticky situations quickly, but actually helping them improve their credit. We have made it our mission to help you get on a better path to financial health, which means getting you out of the debt cycle once and for all. 

Our loan process is specifically designed to meet your current needs and also help you stay on track. We want you to improve your credit score so that you are eligible for better terms in the future.

If you’re trying to improve your credit score, taking out a personal loan might make a lot of sense. Especially if you have high-interest debt, a personal installment loan can help you consolidate and get out of the hole sooner - and boost your credit score at the same time.

When you submit your application, we’ll help you plan a repayment strategy that helps you avoid racking up more debt so that you can get back on the road to financial health.

Do’s and Don’ts To Fix Credit Scores

Only Borrow What You Need

At Credit Fair-E, we do our analysis so we only give you what we know you can pay back. If you’re thinking of applying for other personal loans, we recommend borrowing the absolute minimum you need to meet your goals. Smaller loans means smaller monthly payments.

Continue To Pay Off Your Debts

Even if you do end up getting a personal loan and pay off what you need, don’t let them get behind again. 

We also recommend to continue using your credit cards and paying them off quickly. Establishing good credit habits can increase your score and help you stay on track.

Create A Budget

Luckily, with Credit Fair-E, we only loan amounts that our borrowers can repay. We actually fit them to your budget. 

But that means knowing your budget. Make sure you know how much money comes in and out every month and make sure you’re making smart money decisions.

Fix Your Credit Score With Us

We make sure our process is easy to follow and transparent. We want to make sure that you always understand what you’re signing up for. Educating our clients and leading them down a better path to financial health is our main mission.

When you’re ready to start fixing your credit score, we’ll make sure you’ll be able to repay the loan according to your pay cycle. Once your loan is approved, we’ll set up payment reminders to make it as easy as possible for you.

Contact our team at Credit Fair-E if you have any questions or concerns. We want to help you fix your credit score quickly and easily. Financial security is what we do. Let us answer your questions and help get you towards a better credit report and a healthy financial future.

Helped build my credit, and when I had unexpected car trouble they quickly, and efficiently helped me out of a jam. A great,flexible, and fair program to use.

Nick Valvano

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