Fast Loan Funding

Our loan approval time is fast and Credit Fair-E can get you access to your funds as soon as the next business day.

Strengthen Your Credit

Credit Fair-E installment loans will help you build a strong credit profile and assist you in lowering your rates over time. Unlike payday loans, our loans will help you take control of your credit!

Flexible Terms

We have flexible repayment terms that can be tailored to your needs and timeline. No prepayment penalties on any of our loans.

Learn More About Credit Fair-E

A Credit Fair-E loan is the preferred alternative to a payday loan, potentially saving you hundreds of dollars in fees. We are passionate about providing fast and fair installment loans when you need them most. Unlike traditional lenders, we have designed our loan process around you the consumer. Apply now and see how affordable it really is!

It Just Makes Sense.

Apply for up to $500 in less than 2 minutes!

I took out this small loan to assist with repairing my credit. I was successful in doing so, and set up auto payments so that I would not have to worry about missing my payments and chancing ruining my credit. It worked so well that I am doing it again. The process was easy from start to finish! Their customer service is stellar as well!

Shecurtia Cain-Harris

Helped build my credit, and when I had unexpected car trouble they quickly, and efficiently helped me out of a jam. A great,flexible, and fair program to use.

Nick Valvano

I have taken 2 loans out with Credit Fair-E. They are very honest company with very personable and polite staff. They have been very helpful with any questions I have had. I would strongly recommend this company for your loan needs.

Robert Purcell

Overall great company! I've borrowed from them twice now. Paying off my last loan, thank you!

Precious Turner

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Bad Credit Options

Having bad or no credit won't be a problem for you with Credit Fair-E. We do not use a traditional credit report in our underwriting process. We do however report your payment history to credit agencies, giving you the opportunity to build your credit upon successful repayment of your loan.

Flexible Payment Plans

Unlike most traditional payday loans, Credit Fair-E won't be asking you to repay the balance of your loan plus additional fees in two weeks. At Credit Fair-E, we offer up to 12 month terms to accommodate all budget requirements and give you greater control over the pace at which you repay the loan. Most borrowers have 30 days before their first payment is due.

Responsible Loans

At Credit Fair-E our loans are built around the needs of our consumers. Your loan amount is aligned with your capacity to repay. Our goal is to help  you resolve your short term financial needs and not trap you in a cycle of debt.

Privacy & Security

At Credit Fair-E your privacy is very important us. We maintain high levels of encryption on our systems to ensure your personal information is protected at all times. You can verify the site is secure at any point by checking the padlock to the left of our website in the address bar. Credit Fair-E maintains an active license in each state we do business in.

Fair & Transparent

With a Credit Fair-E installment loan, there are no hidden fees and all loans can be repaid early with no penalties. All applicants will get a quick response notifying them of their loan approval status with a clear explanation of all costs associated with the loan.

Bad Credit Options
Flexible Repayment Terms
Responsible Loans
Privacy & Security
Fair & Transparent

Break The Cycle

Don't be trapped by debt.

Get on the path to better financial health.

At Credit Fair-E we are passionate about helping consumers improve their financial health. Our loans are designed to help you meet your financial needs, while still meeting your other financial obligations. We even help you improve your credit so that you may be eligible for better terms in the future. What are you waiting for? Give us a try.

Easy Underwriting

What Happens Next?

After you submit your application, we run it through our initial underwriting process to verify the information submitted. Whether you are approved or decline, we will notify you via email within 24 hours. If you fall outside of the states we currently do business in, you will be notified immediately.

Once you receive your approval email, most applicants will need to submit income verification documents along with their government issued photo ID. While not the same for every applicant, the following is commonly requested:

  • 2 most recent pay stubs and/or benefit verification letter
  • 2 most recent bank statements
  • Copy of government issued photo ID

Once you have gathered the necessary documents, you can submit them to: Once we have received and reviewed your loan applicaiton and documents, you will receive a loan decision immediately.

Once your loan is approved we will electronically transfer the loan funds to your account.


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