How to Fund Christmas and Get Rid of Old Stuff

by Credit Faire November 29th, 2016

How to Fund Christmas and Get Rid of Old Stuff

My favorite holiday is Christmas, I have this super obnoxious but charming holiday cheer – nothing can get me down around the holidays, and I’m guilty of buying every single item on my kids’ wishlists. I just can’t help it. I also really enjoy getting my husband something really cool and unexpected, it’s like a new challenge every year, not to mention the grandparents, teachers, friends, and the family we adopt that we buy for. While the holidays aren’t about the gifts I find it fun to give gifts and to put a lot of thoughts into what I’m giving others. My husband loves my holiday joy but he turns into Scrooge when he sees my credit card bill come January. 🙂 So, two years ago I decided to give him the present of a cheap Christmas but I wasn’t going to change my style of gift giving, so how did I do this?

I sold all of our old junk. I used to be nervous to get rid of anything because what if one day I wish I had it again? What if I NEED this item to remember all those times our kids played with it? I’m not sure if it was the overflowing closets, the two car garage that couldn’t we couldn’t walk through or my need to provide my husband with the ultimate Christmas gift, but I realized the things aren’t the memories. Let me tell you, once I started getting rid of our old stuff I felt such a sense of peace. I couldn’t stop, let’s get rid of it all! I ended up being able to pay for our entire Christmas with what I got from selling our stuff AND I got my garage back, the closets were organized and not one person missed a single item.

How I did it:

1. Facebook Groups

I had to pick through the weeds to find the best ones to sell one but once I found the good ones, it became the easiest most profitable ways to sell. I also joined a few in surrounding areas, and then met people in their area if it made sense. We are in Gahanna a lot for play dates so I joined one over there and met in SAFE places, and most times with my husband so I knew it was safe.

2. Once Upon a Child/Clothes Mentor

This wasn’t a great source, as they take a heavy portion of the cut but it was the most successful way to sell our old clothes because I found clothes to be harder to sell in the Facebook groups.

That’s it!! It wasn’t hard, I just needed to put my mind to it, take a lot of pictures and make sure I set things out on our porch when my kids weren’t looking. I was able to do the same thing last year and plan to do the same this year.  It’s so fun having a stress free and basically free Christmas. Stay tuned and I will share some of my best ways to SAVE money on the gifts I purchase.

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