Your Easy Guide To The Direct Lender Loan Application Process

by Credit Faire August 21st, 2020

When you don’t have enough money in your savings and something unexpected comes up, things can really stressful really quickly. Sometimes these costs can’t be put off, and you need money now. Whether it’s medical bills or even emergency auto repairs, sometimes expenses pop up that we have a hard time covering on top of our daily bills. Plus, when these things do come up, it can challenge to find a straightforward solution.

If you’re searching for help online, you’ve most likely stumbled across payday loans, installment loans, and maybe even line of credit – all options that offer to help with short term financial problems. However, not all of these solutions actually help, and some of them may even trap you into the continued cycle of debt. Let’s discuss direct lender loans, and what goes into the direct lender loan application process. 

Everything You Need To Know About The Direct Lender Loan Application Process

Before we discuss the direct lender loan application process, let’s discuss what they are and how they might work for you to help you when financial challenges arise.

What Are Direct Lender Loans? How Do They Work?

Though you might be using loan matching services, that doesn’t mean they will fund your loan. You’ll have to fill out a loan application and then be connected with a lender. Online direct lenders, on the other hand, cut out the middle man. Once you’re approved, these direct lenders will fund your loan. They’ll still comply with both state and federal laws, and make sure they are abiding by the rules and regulations set out by each state for lenders. 

Working with online direct lenders like Credit Fair-E, you’ll be connecting just with the one financial institution and the entire process is easier. The direct lender loan application process, getting approved, getting your funds, and paying back your loan with all be through us. As long as you have internet access, you’ll be able to quickly and easily apply for the funds that you need.

Why Should You Consider A Direct Lender Loan?

If you’re considering a direct lender loan, there are several reasons why they might be a great solution for you. 

First, the direct lender loan application process is simple. It takes just minutes to complete and it’s typically much easier than other lending options. Plus, you can do it from any device as long as you have access to the internet. 

Second, most direct lenders give you extremely fast approval. Our customer care team will verify your information and can get you approved within minutes. 

Last, direct lenders like Credit Fair-E gives you fast funding to help you when you’re dealing with an emergency. In fact, once you’re approved, your money will be deposited in your account as soon as the next business day.

Direct lender loans are a fast and simple way to get the cash you need when you need it most.

What You’ll Need For The Direct Lender Loan Application Process

For no credit check direct lender loans, you really only need a few things on hand to apply. 

  1. Drivers license
  2. Social security number
  3. Employer information (monthly income, employer name, and number, plus pay frequency)
  4. Email address and phone number
  5. Home address
  6. Bank information (account number and routing number)

Once you have all of this information, we can give you approval within just a few minutes. We don’t do a hard credit check, so your credit score won’t be directly affected by applying. 

Consider Credit Fair-E Today

A Credit Fair-E loan is definitely a preferred alternative to a payday loan, which is designed to keep you in the debt cycle and could charge your hundreds in late fees. It is our mission to provide fast and fair installment loans when you need them most. Unlike traditional lenders, we have designed our loan process around you, the consumer. 

We are a payday loan alternative, which means we design our loan repayment options for responsible borrowers. We want to help you break the cycle of debt by providing access to affordable loans that you can actually pay back. Our goal is to get you back on a healthy financial track so that you don’t have to continually borrow money. We know that when time really is money, you’ll need access to funds immediately. Credit Fair-E might be exactly the solution you’re looking for. We can get you funds as soon as the next business day after you apply.Regardless of whether it’s an emergency situation or you just need some extra help, we have great solutions to help you. Start your application process today and or give us a call and let us answer your questions about how direct lender loans can actually help you build your credit score and get you on a better financial path.

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