Why A Direct Cash Loan Can Help You

by Credit Faire April 15th, 2020

If you’ve been laid off recently, or have some unexpected bills you’re struggling with, or even just feel like you’re in a hole you can’t get out of – that’s where Credit Fair-E comes in. Maybe you’re going through a tough divorce, working multiple jobs trying to make ends meet. We get it. We’ve all been there at one point or another. One of the best solutions that could help you get on a better track financially is a short term installment loan, often referred to as a direct cash loan. A direct cash loan can help you specifically if you need cash fast. We know how hard it is to work with traditional bank loans. It can be confusing, extremely time-consuming, and may be even impossible if you have bad credit. 

When you work with us at Credit Fair-E, you can have access to funds within one business day, and with a short term installment loan, you can usually get approved regardless of your credit score. Here we go over some more ways that a direct cash loan can help you.

5 Ways A Direct Cash Loan Can Help 

Especially during times like the COVID-19 quarantine and shelter in place, it can be difficult to stay on top of bills, and getting a loan to make it through can seem impossible. Here we want to go over why our direct cash loan can help you when you need financial help the most. 

Easy Application Process

A great benefit that comes with a short term installment loan with Credit Fair-E is that our loans have a lot fewer formalities than traditional loans. Our application process is quick and easy. Bank loan applications can take hours to complete and you have to wait days for it to process. You’ll know immediately upon applying whether or not you qualify with us. 

No Hard Credit Checks

Direct cash loans can help because typically your financial history isn’t a consideration. We won’t perform a hard credit check when we review your application. We know that most people applying for short term installment loans have poor to fair credit, and we don’t want your current score to take a hit with a hard credit check. 

Can Get You Out Of A Jam

Sometimes things come up and you have an emergency situation that requires money you don’t have. A car that broke down, or an unexpected medical bill, whatever you need help with, a direct cash loan can help get you out of a jam. It’s important to us that you get out of the debt cycle and start working toward better financial help, and a small loan can help ease your anxiety. 

Funds Can Be Delivered Within A Business Day

The best part about direct cash loans through Credit Fair-E is that you can have access to money directly in your account within 24 hours. With our fast application process and instant approval services, you don’t have to worry about that hole you’re in. You can feel better about your finances in one business day. 

Possibly Improve Your Credit 

Another way that a direct cash loan can help is that we can help you build up your credit over time. Unlike typical payday loans, our loans can help you take control of your credit and give you an opportunity to build a strong credit profile. Because we have flexible repayment terms that can be tailored to your needs and your timeline, we make it easy to pay back your loans. When you make payments on time every month, you’re showing credit bureaus that can be financially responsible, and your credit will go up. 

Why Credit Fair-E Is Different

At Credit Fair-E, we pride ourselves on being different than traditional payday lenders. We have designed our system with you in mind, not profit. We want you to be able to successfully repay your debt and not dig your financial hole any deeper. Other direct cash loan lenders lend out more than the consumer can ever repay. 

Though other payday companies give only 14-30 days to pay back loans, we offer you a full 12 months. We also have a flat interest rate rather than fee based pricing. Our goal is to help you repay your loan quickly and maybe even build up savings. With flexibility and fair pricing, we set you up to responsibly pay back your loans. Less cost to you the consumer means less risk for our business and fewer defaults. At the end of the day, our loans are set up similar to auto loans and mortgages, and we report the borrower’s successful payment history, which in turn helps them build their credit profile. 

Contact Us Today

Like we said above, sometimes it is just not possible to go through a traditional bank and it can seem impossible to get the loan you need. If you don’t have the time to go through the traditional application and processing process, or are worried that your credit score won’t qualify you, then reach out to us. As online lenders, we only pull a soft credit pull, which won’t affect your credit score. With us, you can complete your application within minutes and get approved just minutes after that. 

When things feel a little impossible, a direct cash loan can help. Contact us today and fill out our online application and potentially receive funds by tomorrow.

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