Fast Direct Cash Loans “coronavirus (covid-19) “

by Credit Faire March 26th, 2020

We’ve all been there before. Maybe you’ve been laid off, you’re dealing with a divorce, unexpected medical bills, or you just can’t seem to get ahead. You’re working more than one job to stay afloat and you just need a little help to get you in a better place financially. One of the best solutions can be a short term installment loan, especially if you need the cash very quickly. Usually, these rapid loans can get cash in your bank account within one business day. Trying to get a loan through a traditional bank is almost always too difficult and time-consuming, especially if you have bad credit. The nice thing about small short term installment loans is you can easily get approved regardless of your credit score.

We have all been impacted one way or another by the ongoing Coranvirus impact. Some folks are able to work from home while others have been laid-off or furloughed. None of us know how long this situation can last. In situations like this you need a lender that has a process that can be completed quickly and provide you the funds you need in as little as 1 day. At Credit Fair-e, we designed our process to be simple, easy to understand and fast to meet the specific needs of our customers and to help ease any financial burden our borrowers are in. 

Sometimes, even when things are ok and your finances are under control, situations can surprise you and you find yourself stressed out over bills again. Even just one event can be enough to throw things out of whack and send your finances spiraling down. For example, you get sick and need some expensive treatment or medication that you obviously weren’t prepared for. Even with health insurance, sometimes the high deductibles or drug costs quickly become too much of an expense for you to handle. Another example is when you forget about an annual expense. It’s easy to plan for regular monthly expenses, but sometimes the cost of renewing your driver’s license, getting your car inspected and reregistered, or even property taxes not in escrow can be a surprise you are not ready for. Those are some great examples of when a short term installment loan can be a huge help in getting your finances back on track. Also, if you have a vehicle, you will have the added cost of auto maintenance and repairs. If your car is not under warranty and a part needs to be fixed or replaced, sometimes it can be very expensive considering the added cost of labor. If you haven’t planned for this, it can be a significant blow to your bank account, or could even cost more than you can afford. However, you don’t have time to save up for a car repair because you need to get to work, school, etc, and you can’t wait. When situations like this leave you frustrated and hopeless, and you find yourself saying – I need help paying bills – then a short term installment loan can quickly get you the cash you need.

As mentioned earlier, sometimes it’s not an option to get a loan through a traditional bank. Besides not always having the time to go through the application and processing period, if your credit score isn’t high enough, you probably won’t get approved. The nice thing about short term installment loans, or sometimes called bad credit loans, is that they usually don’t require a credit check. An online lender will normally just do a soft credit pull, which doesn’t affect your credit score like a hard credit check would. The application process is usually completed within minutes, and you can get an approval just moments later. At Credit Fair-e we strive to make sure our loan approval and funding process is quick and easy and is designed to get you approved fast so you can receive your funds in as little as one business day. 

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