3 Reasons Not to Payoff Your Loan Early

I promise I’m not trying to trick you into paying more interest. This is probably the opposite of what you have been told to do by everyone. Believe me though; there are some scenarios in which you would benefit more from paying a loan through to term.

Generally speaking you will save more money by paying off a loan early. The situations in which you don’t want to pay it off early will be fairly specific situations. So pay close attention and always do your own homework before committing to any financial decision.

3 Reasons to Consider Direct Lender for Your Next Loan

Most of us, in some capacity have gotten a loan from a indirect lender at some point. Perhaps you took out your mortgage with the help of a mortgage broker? Maybe you went online for a personal loan and thought it was just that simple. Then you get a bill from Lender’s Anyonymous and wonder what is going on. A direct lender is someone that uses their own money to lend to you. This means that the company you apply through is making the decision on it’s own and using it’s own capital to fund and service (bill you) your loan the entire time.

There Are Fair Loans For People With Bad Credit

We all go through trials in life. Whether its a job loss, car break down or medical expenses – we’ve all been there. All of which can really screw up our financial situation. Although we all go through this, not all lenders and in particular banks get this however. So you do a quick Google search and find out there are hundreds of lenders promising  a loan for people with bad credit. Then your next problem begins.

The 3 Key Components of an Installment Loan

We have all heard the phrase “you can do better”, but what if we don’t know what better is or looks like? Well this phrase does apply to your financial life and we are here to help you understand what “better” is in the context of a loan. When taking out a payday or short term loan, people often do so out of an immediate need. Often times it is at the last minute and you tend to be rushed in your decision making process. Here at Credit Fair-E, we decided to simplify the 3 most important things to look at when deciding on a loan. Take a breath, relax. Take 3 minutes to evaluate your next loan decision, it may save you hundreds in unecessary interest and fees.

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